Web Application Development

At vobird we create custom web applications based on the requirements you have. We do this in four different phases: the determination, design, development and delivery phase. We don't want you to just give us money and let us build something. We want to build the best solution together with you.

In the Determination Phase we'll talk and meet a lot to make sure we're on the same page and we've lined up all the requirements. What problem do you have? Why is software the solution? Who are going to be the users?

During the Design Phase all the requirements will be realized by our designer. In this phase you can also expect us to ask you very often for input. Again, meetings are not uncommon in this phase, because it's easier to tweak some things during this phase.

When the designs are ready, we will progress to the Development Phase. This phase is the longest one and the length depends on the complexity of the web application. During this phase you get access to our designs, our planning and the latest version of the web application, so you know what we are doing. You can expect a lot of real life/user testing during this phase (preferably by potential end users). We do this to make sure we make things that not only make sense for us, but also for the end users.

Finally we'll arrive in the Delivery Phase. This phase is all about (you guessed it) the delivery. We'll showcase what we've made and ask you if you prefer some changes. The future of the product is discussed here as well. Is it done? Do we need to maintain the software? We will go through all these kinds of questions during this phase.

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