Website Development

At vobird we realize both good-looking and effective websites. In addition to a lot of extra visitors, we also aim for an increase in the quantity and quality of your customers. By talking to you about the design and your customers, we ensure that the website not only becomes a business card, but also consistently yields converting visitors.

The power of effective web design

Besides the fact that a website should look good, it should also have a purpose. Do you want visitors to make an appointment, sign up for the newsletter or request a quote? For this reason we make effective websites. We talk with our customers and on that basis we decide what we want to achieve with your website and optimize the website for that purpose.

Insight into the behavior of your visitors

Thanks to the clear data dashboard of Google (Google Analytics) you know exactly how visitors arrived at your website, which pages they visited, where they come from and how far they have scrolled on your pages. We set this up completely for you, so that you can always and everywhere find information about your website via the website or the app. All this data can be overwhelming. That is why you will receive a personal video series with an explanation of how to use your dashboard.

Manage your website without a single line of code

We deliver all our websites statically. This means that it is not possible for you, our customer, to modify the content of your website without us. Nonetheless, we also offer you the possibility to add a Content Management System (CMS) to your website.

You’ve probably heard of WordPress. WordPress is a CMS that makes it possible for non-coders to edit content on a website and upload media. WordPress is the most famous one, but we also implement other CMS’s like Strapi, Ghost and Storyblok. Let us know if you have another CMS-request and we might implement that one as well!

We provide a number of videos with every website in which we give a tour of the CMS. If this does not work or if you run into something, we are happy to help you with this.